MCU students travelling around the UK

This summer a group of MCU students and lecturers ventured on a cultural-education tour across the United Kingdom.

MCU Buddy Program to support first-year students

On August 23, 80 MCU students graduated from a short-term Buddy Program Training which is aimed to support integration of first-year students in the MCU student community.

Graduation Ceremony at the Institute of Humanities

The Institute of Humanities invites students, their parents and teachers to attend the official graduation ceremony to be held on July 4 and 5.

The Red Brick Party 2018

MCU is happy to announce the annual festival event — the Red Brick Party 2018!

The MCU students’ project scoring TOP-5 at the Hackfest in Grozny

On November 8—10 MCU students participated in the Hackfest “The Teacher of the Future” dedicated to digital educational technologies.