The Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education is a scientific structural department of Moscow City University.

Currently it consists of eight laboratories leading research in the areas most relevant and important for the educational system.

We offer various programs, such as:

  • New Standards and Approximate Basic Education
  • Metasubject Formation Results
  • Educational Organizations Development
  • Approaches to Assessment and Certification of Teachers and School Teams
  • Competence and Socio-cultural Practices
  • Subject-spatial Environment, Assessment and Development of Preschool Education Quality
  • Internet Technologies in Education, and others.

Among the most notable projects ongoing and completed by the Institute are the following:

  • Federal projects for development of exemplary educational programs in general education
  • Designing and updating content of the basic general education
  • Longitudinal assessment of preschool education quality

The Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education acts as coordinator of the student competitions ‘I am professional!’ and ‘WorldSkills’ relative to teacher’s training education.