Alumni reunite for engaging second meeting of the year

The Japanese Language Department hosted the second alumni meeting this academic year attended by approximately 50 people

Geographical Dictation 2023

Embark on a geographical journey with the Department of Geography and Tourism as we invite you to join our dictation!

Students of MCU got qualified for the “Foundation School” competition

Master’s students of the MCU Directorate of Educational Programs qualified for the volunteers camp programme “At the Motherland of Leo Tolstoy”

The MCU Volunteer School 2021/2022

The participants of the MCU Volunteer School 2021/2022 discussed a new strategy of volunteering activity

MCU students researching Russia-France relations

Students of MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages shared their impressions about the exhibition “France and Russia. Ten centuries together”

MCU at the Moscow’s Student Festival

The new academic year in Moscow starts with a large Student Parade 2019, welcoming the freshers enrolled at the city’s universities.