The MCU Student Council was established in 2007. Since then our mission has been to represent and support the MCU students at all degree levels.

Our objectives

  • To serve as the official representative body of the undergraduate and graduate students of MCU.
  • To provide students with an opportunity for open discussion of issues.
  • To organize, promote and conduct students’ events and projects.
  • To provide support and assistance to every student’s initiative.

To join our community, write at

Organization of the Council

  • The president of the Student Council 

The Council is headed by the President who is elected by students. The President appoints a Secretary of the Council and a Vice President as members of the Executive Committee. Any student has the right to elect or to be elected.

  • The Coordination Committee

The Committee has power to make decisions in accordance with the Council’s mission.  It consists of twenty members and includes voting members, such as

– President
– Vice-president
– Student presidents of the institutes,
– Leaders of students’ organizations (SMM-Center, Volunteer Center, Cultural events, Student Sport club, etc)
– Heads of divisions

  • The Student Council Divisions at the MCU Institutes
Elected body formed of departments’ leaders and representing each of the MCU institutes.

Open Meetings

All meeting of the Student Council are open to students.

To join the activities of the Student Council, please contact your Institute Division or write at

The Student Division at the Institute of Foreign Languages