The Institute of Digital Education offers a wide variety of programmes in teaching technical disciplines, as well as in the state-of-art professions of high demand at the job market, such as IT analytics and finance management.

Starting from their freshmen year, students are actively involved in the research conducted at the Institute, publishing their findings in academic journals and taking part in scientific conferences. The faculty collaborate on design and development of textbooks and study guides for schools, colleges and universities.

The Institute runs a Dissertation board on Theory and Teaching Methods in Mathеmatics, Information Technologies, and IT-based Education.


The Educational Center STEAM Park is an system-based learning platform for developing scientific and instructional track and organizing advanced and professional education with regard to STEAM approaches.

As a resource base, the Educational Center STEAM Park features 5 laboratories and 5 centers of competencies equipped by the leading manufacturing enterprises.

The STEAM Park arranges open events and advanced training courses for teaching staff, as well as interest clubs and a scientific theater for school students.

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