MCU students researching Russia-France relations

On December 3, 2021, students of MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages exchanged impressions about the exhibition “France and Russia. Ten centuries together” in the Exhibition Hall of the Patriarch’s Palace . They visited the exhibition with the senior lecturer Anastasia Kryuchkova, Senior Lecturer at the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages.  Some of the students even conducted mini-research.

Anna Gibadullina presented a full overview of the exhibition, focusing on the development of Russian-French diplomatic relations.

Sophia Dupan featured the relationship between the Russian Empire and French Empire during the reign of Peter the Great.

Ulyana Panina delivered interesting facts from the history of cultural relations between the two countries in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Sofya Dokhlova observed how the period of the reign of Alexander the First was presented at the exhibition, and concluded that this important period in the history of French-Russian relations was left without due attention.

Maya Nesterchuk told about how the relations between Russia and France were covered in Russian and French literature in different historical periods, and also told of the fate of the authors.

Maria Kaplun spoke on how French alphabet had changed analyzing the texts and manuscripts which were exhibited at the museum.

Daria Komarova interviewed a Frenchman who visited the exhibition. She made a short video review which is available at the link.