The mission of Moscow City University as a metropolitan institution is to be of service to the city and its citizens.

As a large educational, research and cultural center, MCU offers to the citizens of Moscow a wide variety of opportunities to learn and unleash their creative potential, to gain personal and professional fulfillment.

MCU Vision

We seek to provide a comprehensive educational system that trains students for life and work in a big city, using its infrastructure, facilities, and resources, and combining educational practices with the objectives aimed at the city’s development.

This means that we place emphasis on helping students to harness the skills required for efficient living in a metropolis, such as:

  • Navigating across complicated semiotic systems
  • Ability to explain to others the principles of such systems
  • Politeness and appropriate response to various situations
  • Ability to listen and understand others

MCU Objectives

Our core activities are aimed at catering to the city’s needs, and ensuring development and sustainability of the city by:

  • Promoting innovate research
  • Contributing to educative, research and cultural assets of the city
  • Developing a life-long learning system for the citizens
  • Distributing priorities to cater to the city’s different needs
  • Recruiting talented top-skill professionals
  • Designing a nourishing environment for university staff

2020 MCU Strategic Plan

1. Improving education quality

2. Promoting innovate research

3. Updating youth policy

4. Recruiting talented top-skill professionals

5. Creating a close-knit community of students and alumni

6. Providing high quality management

7. Upgrading facilities and resources of the university

8. Developing financial activities

9. Representing the university within the local, national and international education communities

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