In order to train new professionals equipped with both soft skills and applied knowledge, MCU invests in international recruitment and hires teachers and researchers who hold a degree from an overseas educational institution and have actual experience in the field. The international faculty at MCU is growing every year, providing its students with the opportunity to study under the supervision of top-knotch overseas professionals. The members of the International Faculty teach a number of disciplines, from sciences to humanities, however, the main focus is on teaching foreign languages. Currently, the Institute of Foreign Languages has the largest number of teaching native speakers from such countries as the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, Taiwan.
MCU annually invites international experts and guest professors to hold public lectures and speak at the conferences. Students can attend open lectures within their educational tracks, or select any other subject of interest. Please, follow our announcements to register for scheduled open lectures.

If you hold an overseas degree and are interested in joining the MCU International Faculty, please read about the employment procedure.
If you want to hold a guest lecture at MCU, please contact the International Relations at

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Chen Yanheng: I like to see the progress of my students

Chen Yanheng, MCU alumni and current member of staff, shares her memories of student life at MCU and excitement of her job as a teacher.


Professor Numano Kyoko speaking on Russian literature at MCU

Professor Numano Kyoko, a renowned researcher and translator of Russian literature, visits MCU with a series of lectures and workshops.


Open lectures by Jayne Carrol and John Baker at MCU

MCU announces a series of lectures on Name-Studies by professors from University of Nottingham.


Lea Völker

Senior Lecturer, DAAD Representative


Ramune Chodorkaite

Senior Lecturer


Karina Oboimova

Assistant Lecturer