The Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies is one of the leading centers in Moscow for training top-skill professionals armed with fundamental knowledge and innovative methods in the fields of Pedagogy, Physical Education, Sports, Media & Communications.

Among our students and alumni are a great number of renowned sportsmen who have won prestigious national and world championships including the Olympic Games, winners of the ‘Teacher of the Year’ contest, directors of educational institutions, university lecturers, high-caliber researchers.

We offer programmes for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Postgraduate and Doctoral degrees, as well as a variety of continuing education trajectories. The students are encouraged to engage in research with the opportunity to publish its results in the Natural Sciences series of the academic journal of Moscow City University.

  • Learning from competent professionals in pedagogy, physical education and sports media.
  • Opportunities to combine academic studies with a professional sports career or work in a relevant degree field.
  • Synthesis of academic and digital approaches to education allows to train specialists adapted to the new socio-technological reality.

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