The Institute of Lifelong Learning is an educational platform specialized in designing and implementing advanced professional training programmes.

Our staff includes top-tier experts and academics, high-caliber teaching professionals — authors of schoolbooks and study guides, practicing educators applying best teaching practices, and various award winners.

Activity trajectories

  • Research of educational technologies for various age groups within the framework of lifelong learning
  • Promoting personal approach in teaching and tutorship
  • Educating the elderly generation
  • Advanced learning for children and students, career guidance for school students including those applying WorldSkills Standards. 

Our educators provide

  • Expert services for education development
  • Counseling and methodology support for teachers engaged in the distance and on-campus learning
  • Design and implementation of advanced professional training and occupational retraining
  • Design and implementation of developmental programmes for youth and adults.
  • Cooperation with Russian and global academic and educational institutions and public organizations
  • Arranging educational events for teachers of Moscow, Russian regions, and partner countries
  • Tutorship for teaching at the global, national, and local levels, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, research publishing.

Annual Educational events

  • International Research and Practice Conference on current educational issues
  • International Research and Practice Conference for tutors 

Institute’s Departments

Start Pro Project Creative Center

The Center is a platform for school students enabling them to make intelligent choices of future profession and experiment with project ideas. The Center focuses on natural sciences and technologies, offering students opportunities to work in laboratories and working shops equipped with high-tech learning equipment.

“Blago” Center for Diagnostics and Counseling

The Center supports children with health limitations and those challenged by school learning and social involvement. The Center offers diagnostics in order to define individual health support methods and counseling to parents and teachers.

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