MCU Fundamental Library is an enormous resource that comprises more than 1,500,000 volumes and a broad data network of electronic study materials allowing 17,000 users to utilize them for their studies and research. The Library has offices in all the MCU institutes where students and researches can study comfortably in the reading halls with access to the Internet. International students can access the collections and electronic services of the Library according to the enrollment contract.

Our Services:

  • Data search in the electronic catalogs of the Subscription and Reference sections of the library, as well as library offices in the institutes.
  • Lending library books and documents.
  • Subject-specific search, comprising reference lists for research papers.
  • Access to electronic library systems and other data sources.
  • Index-linking of articles and periodicals by UDC and Library-Bibliographical Classifications for MCU authors.
  • Electronic bibliographic reference.
  • Cross-library user’s card.
  • Scanning and recording data on computer media.
  • Other services (University Main building, room 3105).


Million volumes


New books every year




Digital resources


To receive a library card, please visit one of the library’s offices and present your student or employee ID and 1 photo (3х4 cm). Please read the rules of the library and sign the paper stating your compliance with the rules.

Head Office

Address: MCU Main building, 7th floor

Bld. 4/4, 2nd Selskohozyajstvennyj proezd, Moscow, 129226

Tel.: +7 (499) 181-68-60

Office hours: 9 a.m. — 6 p.m.

Monday to Friday