Every year MCU offers students from all over the world an opportunity to spend their summer vacations efficiently by participating in its summer schools. MCU summer schools host a diverse and engaging format that combines intensive Russian language coursework with workshops and guide tours around popular Russian cities. Students will have ample opportunities to boost their Russian and cross-cultural communication skills learning from highly qualified instructors, prepare thematic presentations, and even try themselves as teachers. Living in environmentally-friendly place, students will experience local lifestyle and traditions, participate in sports and cultural events, and make friends with Russian students.
As part of summer events, MCU hosts the Tandem Summer School, a project that promotes international exchange with MCU partner Universities, such as Burgenland University of Applied Sciences in Austria and University of Nottingham in England.

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Previous Events

2021 Russian-Turkish Summer School

Educational Сenter for Russian as a foreign or non-native language of the Institute of Humanities organized a summer school for students from Ataturk University (the Republic of Turkey). During the month 19 students from Turkey mastered an introductory course Russian Language and Russian Culture. The lectures and seminars arranged as part of the summer school activities were aimed at improving a proficiency level of Russian and deeping knowledge of Russian culture. The participants also brightened cross-cultural communication skills. Associate Professor of the Department of Russian Language and Methods of Teaching Philological Subjects Marina Pustovit gave lectures and seminars online.

A student of Ataturk University shared his impressions of joining this Summer School:

This course was rather efficient. I would like the course to be longer. Our lecturer offered us an opportunity to get interested in the subjects of the course. I hope that I will be able to take such a training again at Moscow City University.

Gusler Koramaz, a student of Ataturk University

2019 Russian-Italian Summer School

In August, 2019, Italian students from the University of Bari Aldo Moro mastered the Russian Language and Culture programme. This Summer School for Italian students was organized within the cooperation between Moscow City University and the Institute of Russian Language and Culture in Rome.

The students from the University of Bari Aldo Moro shared their impressions of studying at Summer School:

The most important thing is that I had an opportunity to get aсquainted with Russian people, the Russian language and culture.

Kalo Lucia, a student of the University of Bari Aldo Moro

It was great to combine travelling and studying Russian. For three weeks I became a little Russian.

Alessandro Capobianco, a student of the University of Bari Aldo Moro

2017 Russian-Austrian Summer School Tandem (July 9—29)

The summer school hosted 70 students from MCU and Burgenland University of Applied Sciences, Austria. The lectures and seminars arranged as part of the School activities were aimed at improving proficiency level of Russian and German, as well as cross-cultural communication skills. The students were offered a diverse academic and cultural programme that included training in foreign languages, project work, lectures on Russian culture, watching and discussing old Russian movies, as well as tours around Moscow and historical Russian cities —Vladimir and Suzdal.



2016 Russian-Austrian Summer School Tandem (July 11—31)

The 2nd Russian-Austrian Summer School Tandem started on July 11 with a welcome word from the School coordinators from MCU and Burgenland University of Applied Sciences. 2016 was the second year of successful launch of Tandem programme designed by Professor Anatoly Berdichevsky, Burgenland University of Applied Sciences. Besides intensive language course, the students enjoyed a wide variety of other activities, such as sports and cultural events, and excursions around popular tourist attractions.  After 20-days programme, Russian and Austrian students learned a lot about local culture and traditions, made new friends, fostering deeper cross-cultural understanding between the two nations.