MCU students met their peers from Taiwan

MCU’s Institute of Culture and Arts held a meeting with students of the University of Taiwan on artistic and educational questions

MCU students writing haiku in French

MCU students majoring in French have successfully participated in the Haiku Poetic Competition.

Students of Professor Shangrong Tsiang have won The Art Breakthrough Festival

MCU international students majoring in the Art of Singing at the Institute of Culture and Arts became winners of the International Festival Art Breakthrough.

MCU students travelling around the UK

This summer a group of MCU students and lecturers ventured on a cultural-education tour across the United Kingdom.

The Birch and Sakura Festival at MCU

Within the framework of the Russia-Japan cultural exchange project, on September 19 MCU hosted the festive event ‘Tea Party at Peter and Fevronia’.

End of Semester Celebration

MCU Chinese students majoring in Russian presented a Russian classic play to celebrate the end of semester on December 26.