Ecosystem perspective on new literacies

More than 1400 participants from 20 countries discussed the transformation trends in lifelong learning at the 4th International Research and Practice Conference “Lifelong Learning in the Context of the Future”

The MCU’s Laboratory of Child Development reported at the ECERS Meeting

Professors Igor Shiyan, Tatiana Le-van, and junior research fellow Anna Yakshina presented a new evaluation tool of children’s play in preschool groups at the ECERS Conference

International Research Seminar “Digital Didactics”

The MCU’s Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Education will host the International Research Seminar on the education system and the formation of safe environment in Moscow

Innovation Technologies in Youth Sports and Physical Education

The 11th International Research and Practice Conference will be held at the MCU’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies

The Fourth Annual International Symposium “Education and City”

Moscow City University will host the Fourth Annual International Symposium on the quality of education and the role of education in the modern cities