The MCU Volunteering Center

The Center brings together MCU students and offers an encouraging environment where students can fulfill their aspiration to support the national and international events arranged by their university and city.

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Students can choose among the volunteering tracks that best suit their interests:

Social volunteering

Event volunteering

Patriotic volunteering

Cultural volunteering


Eco volunteering

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Fill in an application form and become a resident of the Volunteering Center. Share your interests so that we can offer an initiative that will be most exciting to you.

Every year students have an opportunity to enroll at the MCU Volunteer School where they can learn the art of being a helpful volunteer. This includes acquiring the soft-skills necessary for present-day social work, creating a personal volunteering track and developing a volunteer project for the benefit of MCU.

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We are open to suggestions and provide volunteer support for any kind of social initiative. Please apply for volunteer assistance at least 2 weeks before the event.

  • Learn about the terms and conditions of volunteers’ support

  • Apply for volunteer assistance

  • Our team member will call you back to confirm details

Offer event

Volunteers may work no longer than 8 hours per day with breaks for rest

Provide water and hot food in case volunteers work longer than 4 hours

Prepare a space that can be used as the volunteers’ headquaters for storing personal things and breaks

Arrange transfer in case your event is outside the city

Provide corporate uniform
or allow MCU brand clothing

Promote MCU: provide MCU brand stand and mention volunteers’ support in media

Our partners

The MCU Volunteering Center cooperates within the educational tracks with the leading Moscow’s agencies, platforms, non-profit funds, cultural and municipal organisations

Департамент образования и науки города Москвы
Ресурсный центр «Мосволонтер»
Ассоциация волонтерских центров
Благотворительный фонд «Подари жизнь»
Благотворительный фонд «Образ жизни»
Всемирный фестиваль молодёжи и студентов
Олимпиада «Музеи. Парки. Усадьбы»
Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018
Московский международный салон образования: ММСО
Олимпиада Мегаполисов
Спасская башня детям
Всероссийское общественное движение «Волонтёры Победы»
Я Верю
Тотальный диктант
Благотворительный фонд «Найди семью»

Meet our team

MCU volunteers share their stories

Maria Zlotnikova

Manager of the MCU Volunteering Center, leader of the Volunteer Division at the Institute of Culture and Arts

Volunteer work for me is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. MCU gives me an opportunity to grow in this sphere. At first, I was just a volunteer, then I became the leader of the volunteer division at the Institute of Culture and Arts and manager of Event Division.
My experience includes arranging visits to the children’s clinic hospital, and charity fairs, I was the team-leader at the ‘Immortal regiment’ event. There I coordinated the work of volunteers and supported people who walked down Red Square.

Sofiya Razorenova

Team-leader at the FIFA World Cup 2018

At MCU I chose an activist’s career because of the opportunities for self-expression it offers. If you want to be a volunteer, you just need to have a wish to help, to improve and do your best. I can say that volunteer work is literally my lifestyle.

Anna Chernova

Supervisor at the FIFA World Cup 2018

My volunteering activities include quite a lot of achievements. Among them are the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, FIFA 2017 Confederation Cup, FIFA 2018 World Cup, where I was responsible for meeting of international guests at the airport Domodedovo. It was a challenge for me to work with 200+ people. One of my most memorable experiences features a happy football fan explaining that he had to be in a different city to watch the match in two hours. Every time it was a big surprise for them to discover the long distances of this country. Our team tried to do our utmost searching for available bullet trains or car rides, and many fans got in time for their games. .

Ksenia Ganina

Assistant of the Deputy Head of the Moscow’s Department of Education and Science, MCU alumni

At work I am like a reminder or administrator, multitasking at high-level. My schedule was already quite tough when I was a student, I participated in various concerts, sports competitions and volunteer events. It is hard to count how many events I have visited or arranged. MCU motivated me to continue volunteer work after graduation. Even now, working irregular hours, I always find time to help those who need it.

Elizaveta Volkova

Advisor to the Office for Managing Citizens’ Appeals at the Moscow’s Department of Education and Science, MCU alumni

When I was a student, I volunteered at the FSS Central Clinical Military Hospital, participated in many social, event and sports volunteer work representing MCU. For my academic excellence and active extra-curricular activity I was rewarded the Moscow City Government’s Scholarship. Later I received an internship opportunity at the Department and managed to secure a position there. The trajectory I followed at MCU served as a foundation for my future career. .

Yulya Belyaeva

Supervisor at the FIFA World Cup 2018

MCU showed me a world of volunteering opportunities. The warmest memories are connected with the World Cup and the concerts in the dark, where I made friends with blind business-trainers. I will graduate soon and will have an opportunity to teach children and instill in them a positive attitude to life.

The MCU Volunteering Center

+7 (499) 181-01-26,

Head of the Volunteering Center
Daria Shapovalova