Postgraduate education is designed for those who plan to pursue an academic career in teaching and research. Postgraduate programmes at MCU are aimed at developing research, academic and analytical skills required to write and defend a PhD thesis and acquire a PhD (Candidate of Sciences) degree.

MCU has established a continuous educational system that allows graduate students to proceed with their research in 12 different fields choosing from 39 specializations. There are 10 boards for doctoral and postdoctoral thesis defence at MCU.

Ph.D. programme Field of Study Institute
Mathematical logic, algebra, and number theory Mathematics and Mechanics Institute of Digital Education
Management in social and economic systems Information Science and Computing Technology
Mathematical and software support of computer systems and networks
Theory and methods of physical education, sports training, health-promoting and adaptive physical culture Physical Education and Sports Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies
Theory and history of law and state Law Institute of Law and Management
Constitutional law, constitutional legal procedures, municipal law
Civil law, entrepreneurial law, private international law
Criminal law, criminology;  criminal executive law
Criminal procedure
Information law
Political institutions, processes, and technologies Political Science and Regional Studies
Management of the national economy Economics
Educational psychology Psychology Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Education
Correctional psychology
Sociology of management Social Sciences
Social philosophy Philosophy, Ethics, and Religious Studies Institute of Humanities
Philosophy of anthropology and culture
History of philosophy
History of Russia History and Archaeology
World history
Theory and methods of teaching History Education and Pedagogical Sciences
Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages Institute of Foreign Languages
Theory and methods of teaching arts Institute of Culture and Arts
Theory and methods of teaching music
Theory and methods of arranging social and cultural activities
Theory and methods of teaching (digitalization of education) Institute of Digital Education
Theory and methods of teaching computer science
Theory and methods of teaching mathematics
Theory and methods of teaching Russian Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Education
General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education
Theory and methods of professional education
Correctional pedagogy Institute of Special Education and Psychology
Russian literature Languages and Literature Institute of Foreign Languages
Russian language
German languages
Literature of foreign countries
Comparative studies and typology in linguistics
Theory of language Institute of Humanities


For more information regarding the PhD programmes offered by the MCU institutes, please contact the Department for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research:

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