Open lecture by Professor Roger Säljö at MCU

Professor Roger Säljö from Gothenburg University, Sweden, was invited by the Institute of System Projects to hold an open lecture on February 16.

MCU Professor lecturing in Poland

Svetlana Mikhailova, Associate Professor at the French Language and Language Education Department, visited University of Silesia in Katowice with a series of open lectures and workshops.

Tutor, enterntainer, moderator

A research seminar Professional practices in non-formal education: tutor, enterntainer, moderator will be held on December 20 at the Institute of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy.

Open lecture by Professor Adnan Taşgin, Atatürk University

The Institute of System Projects invites anyone interested to attend an open lecture by Professor Adnan Taşgin on “Alternative Assessment and Evaluation”.

Olga Markes from Alai Oli with a lecture at MCU

Olga Markes, a famous singer and leader of the popular reggae band Alai Oli, will speak on efficient ways to keep fit and healthy at the open lecture at the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages.