Based on the MCU Mission and Strategy 2020—2025, Moscow City University promotes the emerging researchers’ growth and development.

In 2021, MCU launched the project “Development and implementation of the research protocol” to provide support for emerging scholars’ independent studies, which are guided by experienced research supervisors. The School of Emerging Researchers established at MCU will contribute to the research culture, improve students’ research and critical thinking skills, and promote the development of MCU’s scientific schools.

Within this track, MCU-based researchers and doctoral students are engaged in the university’s research projects, where they elaborate on the acute research topics and participate in project-based research groups. In this context, MCU provides scholarships for doctoral students to support their academic pursuits.

MCU invites emerging researchers to join the series of workshops on publishing in international peer-reviewed journals:

Scopus and ScienceDirect: how to search for relevant sources of scientific information

Andrey Mikhailov from Elsevier and MCU Professor Irina Tivyaeva will discuss the functionality of Scopus and ScienceDirect platforms


Requirements for publications in a special issue of Alpha Proceedings

Professor Irina Tivyaeva will discuss the researchers’ questions on the preparation of scientific articles for publication in English