The Institute of Culture and Arts is the creative heart of Moscow City University. The staff mostly consists of Professors with PhD and Dr. degrees. The teaching and learning process of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes is organised on the basis of credit and modular system.

The Institute incorporates the following departments:

  • Visual Arts and Design
  • Music
  • Socio-Cultural Activity and Performing Arts  

The Institute offers a vibrant cultural life — in 2017 we launched the #ClAssics project featuring creative workshops and masterclasses for students.

5 reasons to study with us!

  • Entertaining student life
  • High competitiveness at the job market
  • Multiple opportunities to fulfil your creative potential
  • Various social guarantees
  • Unique Master’s degree programmes in education and culture

The Institute of Culture and Arts carries out the projects:

  • Theoretical Analysis of Formation and Development of Competencies of the Future among Musical Education Specialists at University
  • Creative Clusters as an Innovation Models of Training Specialists in Field of Culture, Arts, and Creative Industries within Higher Education
  • The Olympiad of Arts
  • The Digital Art Olympiad

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