The Directorate of Educational Programmes offers Master’s degree programmes aimed at training leaders of educational institutions and services, and social initiatives.

We offer state-of-the-art knowledge and skills to

  • Heads and deputy heads of educational institutions.
  • Teachers, teaching methods specialists, business-coaches, practising psychologists, linguists, public servants, educators of all levels of education.
  • Managers of corporate study centers and universities.
  • Science communicators, journalists, managers of educational publisher’s, consulting and social projects.

5 reasons to study with us

  1. Our programmes enjoy partnership with the key education authorities of Russia that take part in defining research trajectories of students and regularly interact with them on academic issues.
    Our partners include: the Moscow Department for Education, Moscow Center for Education Quality, Moscow Center of Education Law, The Metropolitan Teaching Methods Center and others.
  2. The programmes offer a wide network of acquaintances within the professional community. The students are engaged in workshops, project seminars, brainstorming and foresight sessions headed by the current leaders in education.
  3. Each student is assigned with an academic supervisor who ensures personal approach to the student’s research. Students are offered multiple opportunities to present their work at research conferences and professional symposiums.
  4. Students are provided with internship opportunities at the innovative educational centers, such as Technological Study Park, Nanotechnological Center, Quantorium. A number of programmes offer international cooperation prospects.
  5. Students receive an expert evaluation of their achievements from the Moscow’s professional community. Students can proceed with their research by enrolling in the MCU’s PhD programmes.