MCU Buddy Program to support first-year students

On August 23, 80 MCU students graduated from a short-term Buddy Program Training which is aimed to support integration of first-year students in the MCU student community.

There were more than 200 applications to join the 5-day program at the end of August, but only those who successfully passed the selection participated in the busy training schedule. The students attended various workshops and team building activities, as well as lectures on motivation, time and conflict management. They joined discussion sessions featuring MCU leadership and learned about university innovations  and key projects. MCU Rector Igor Remorenko talked with the students about the changes of higher education in Russia and different models of arranging a university.

There was a special training aimed at developing communication skills that the young curators will need to encourage the freshers to become involved in the vibrant student life and help them navigate in the new environment.

By the end of the training the participants prepared a schedule of kick-off meetings with the first-year students. The training finished with an exam session and handing of Curator Certificates.

During the academic year the curators will support the newcomers in any issues regarding their studies and social life. Moreover, they will collaborate with senior curators and report on their work at summary conferences.

More information (in Russian)