MCU consulted the leadership of the Far East universities

MCU leadership and staff presented practices of Moscow City University to the representatives of Far East universities within a Priority 2030 workshop

Lecture on history of Japanese literature at MCU

Victor Mazurik from Moscow State University gave a lecture on Japanese literature and culture at the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages

MCU professor at international seminar on pre-school education

Professor Nikolay Veraksa from the Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education elaborated on the development of consciousness

MCU opens Parent University

MCU’s Parent Univesity aims to provide parents with relevant information about upbringing and choose the right methods

MCU staff member participates in international laboratory of inclusive education

Associate Professor Nadiya Tyurina contributed to the activities of the International Laboratory of Inclusive Education

Lecture on Russian literature by British professor at MCU

Doctor Cathy McAteer presented the lecture on Russian literature in English translation at the Institute of Foreign Languages