Vasily Molodyakov at the Institute of Foreign Languages

At the Institute of Foreign Languages, a lecture titled Colonial Modernisation in the History of East Asian Countries was delivered by Prof. Vasily Molodyakov from Takuseku University, Japan.

Prof. Molodyakov is a Doctor of Political Sciences and a Candidate of Sciences in History. He presented his expertise on September 30, 2023, at the Japanese Language Department. Over 150 students specialising in Japanese and Chinese studies attended the lecture, where they gained insights into Japan’s colonial policies in East Asia.

The lecture explored the significant role colonisation played in the modernisation of countries and the impact of Japan’s colonial policy on its international image. Despite Japan having relinquished its colonies seventy years ago, the lecture highlighted how the legacy of the past continues to influence its relations with neighboring countries and interstate dynamics in the region.

Prof. Vasily Molodyakov is widely recognised for his numerous esteemed scientific publications. Students who attended the lecture had the opportunity to bring their copies of the lecturer’s monographs, receiving autographs from him as well.

Photo: MCU, Vladlena Fedyanina