Monograph “What is a city university?”

New monograph has been published. It showcases insights from MCU experts and scientists, exploring the university’s journey towards greater engagement with the city

Corporate training of international company employees at MCU

Employees of a prominent international retailer have received training from MCU experts

Forbes Education: MCU’s research on family education

Moscow City University undertook a comprehensive study focused on family education, delving into various aspects

Vasily Molodyakov at the Institute of Foreign Languages

A lecture on Colonial Modernisation in the History of East Asian Countries was given by a professor from Takuseku University

MCU sets AI usage rules for students in writing degree theses

Moscow City University has regulated the use of AI technologies by students in preparing their degree theses

The possibilities of applying neural networks in education were discussed at MCU

Experts from the Institute of Digital Education discussed generative neural networks, their classification and prospects for use in education