MCU sets AI usage rules for students in writing degree theses

MCU set the rules of using AI technologies for students in writing degree theses. The decision was made at the end of August 2023 at a meeting of the Academic Council of Moscow City University. It implies that students can use chatbots and other AI tools to retrieve data and texts when working on degree theses.

However, the borrowed information will have to be analysed and processed independently:

Artificial intelligence is one of the advanced technologies actively spreading in modern society. De facto, both students and teachers are already using it. But in order to prevent plagiarism, to create texts honestly, to present arguments and conclusions, we need general rules for using AI. Banning the use of AI is the easiest way, but it is hardly effective. If our graduates cannot avoid using this tool in the future anyway, it is better to learn how to use it competently while studying at university, said Igor Remorenko, Rector of MCU.

He also said that MCU is imposing strict rules to prevent direct cheating through AI:

Systems for generating various information should not be taken as an absolutely reliable source of data. It is necessary to take a critical attitude to the transfer of information from automated systems into the work. However generated texts are good material for new ideas and analyses. It is an excellent prompt for group discussions and finding solutions, emphasised the Rector.