MCU at international conference on educational ecosystems

MCU leadership and staff members contributed to the international conference on educational ecosystems at Tomsk State University

MCU students will learn Chinese at National Quemoy University

National Quemoy University will arrange an online course on the Chinese language with native speakers for students from Russia and Vietnam

MCU leadership participated in a joint meeting about higher education

MCU Rector Igor Remorenko and Vice-Rector for Strategy Kirill Barannikov joined in the discussion on the current trends in higher education in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

MCU takes part in the roundtable session on higher education during the pandemic

Minister of Higher Education and Science and rectors of Russia’s leading universities have presented and discussed the research on the quality of higher education during the emergency

MCU students learn about education in Taiwan

Mr. William Lu of the Taipei—Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission has introduced Taiwanese education to MCU students and teaching staff