MCU experts will help colleagues create the school of the future

On the 24th of March 2023, MCU signed a cooperation agreement with the administration of Sochi. The parties agreed to start working together to develop and improve the education system in the resort city of Sochi. The following steps will help achieve this goal:

  • Methodological support and mentoring for educational and managerial staff of the education system, as well as training programs for them;
  • Developing the skills of educational staff in modern educational environments;
  • Improving the content of education and upbringing;
  • Updating normative and methodological documents that define the content of education;
  • Implementing new teaching methods and technologies;
  • Providing opportunities for students to participate in patriotic events and creative competitions.

A new school, which has already begun construction in the Kudepsta district, will be the focus of all modern educational trends. Its uniqueness will lie not only in the architectural design of the building but also in the educational programs that will be implemented after the facility is put into operation.

This new school should serve as a model for equipping all new educational institutions in Krasnodar Krai. Not only children but also adults will study here, as the new school will be the first platform for training teachers in accordance with the federal state educational standard.

“It is great that such powerful models of interaction are emerging, where leading universities in the country offer their programs and developments to regional education systems, which will seriously strengthen the formation of new pedagogical teams for modern educational infrastructure”, noted Elena Ivanova, Head of the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures at the Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education of MCU.

The opening of the new educational institution is planned for September 1, 2024.

A report on the start of construction of the new school is available at the link.