Professor Numano Kyoko speaking on Russian literature at MCU

Professor Numano Kyoko, a renowned researcher and translator of Russian literature, visits MCU with a series of lectures and workshops.

MCU at the Moscow’s Student Festival

The new academic year in Moscow starts with a large Student Parade 2019, welcoming the freshers enrolled at the city’s universities.

Open lecture: the Family Names of the United Kingdom project

Professor Richard Coates to speak on The Family Names of the United Kingdom project.

Open lecture: the historical trajectory of naming

Professor Richard Coates will hold a lecture dedicated to “The historical trajectory of naming in particular categories: a general hypothesis”.

Open lecture: Place-names in Roman Britain

The autumn semester at MCU starts with a series of open lectures and seminars held by visiting professors from the UK universities.

Open lecture: Russian studies in the Anglosphere

Dr Monica White, Associate Professor in Russian and Slavonic Studies, will hold a lecture at MCU about the highs and lows of working in the field of Russian studies.