Innovation Technologies in Youth Sports and Physical Education

The 11th International Research and Practice Conference will be held at the MCU’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies

The Fourth Annual International Symposium “Education and City”

Moscow City University will host the Fourth Annual International Symposium on the quality of education and the role of education in the modern cities

Why is there meaning rather than nothing? Experience, cognition, semiosis

Professor Jean-Marie Klinkenberg presents an open lecture at MCU. The lecture discusses questions of linguistics, semiotics, and cognitive sciences

Language and Democracy. Language Policy

Professor Jean-Marie Klinkenberg presents an open lecture on the issues of the language and politics

Bullying: The Impact on the Autism Spectrum Community

Professor Laura Geraci presents her lecture on the issues of interrelation between bullying and autism

Marketing Linguistics in the Digital Economy Era

MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages organizes an online international round table. Discussions will be dedicated to the use of the humanities in marketing