Alumni reunite for engaging second meeting of the year

On June 8, the Japanese Language Department recently hosted its second alumni meeting of the academic year, with approximately 50 attendees in the evening. Interestingly, the composition of this meeting was almost completely different from the previous one in January. It was notable that the highest number of graduates present were from the years 2013 and 2023.

The participants brought various sweets, and everyone enjoyed a pleasant conversation over tea. The event also featured traditional dances and games. The department’s graduates included teachers from secondary and language schools, university professors, an expert from the Ministry of Education, proofreaders from publishing houses, translators, project managers, and professionals from large Russian and foreign companies, among others.

the Japanese Language Department hosted the second alumni meeting this academic year, which was attended by about 50 people in the evening. The composition of the meeting was almost 99 percent different from the composition of the January meeting. An interesting fact is that there were the most graduates in 2013 and 2023. The participants of the meeting brought a lot of sweets. A warm conversation took place over tea. Traditionally, there were dances and games. Among the graduates of the department were teachers of secondary and language schools and university professors, a leading specialist of the Ministry of Education, a proofreader in a publishing house, translators, project managers and specialists from large Russian and foreign companies, etc.

The department is proud of its graduates!

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Photo: MCU, Anna Savinskaya, Anastasia Sergeeva, Mikhail Prokofiev

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