Creating interactive video material

Join the webinar and learn how to engage students using visual information and tasks, and discover techniques for creating interactive content and important design considerations

Designing the Museum of the Future: Ivan Grinko’s speech

Join free online seminar to discuss the challenges of digital transformation in museums and the benefits of museum futurology

3rd International Festival “Mediation. Youth. Future!”

The event is set to take place on June 7, 2024. Join esteemed organisations and experts in promoting mediation and reconciliation within our society!

Sharing this year’s achievements and wishes for the future

Join us in viewing the competition entries for text and video greeting cards to be inspired and celebrate our students’ accomplishments

Image of the family in German linguistic culture

Join the interactive workshop and discover the world of Geman language and literature at the career guidance event

Artificial intelligence as a teacher’s assistant

Join MCU’s webinars to explore learning management systems (LMS) in higher education institutions