All-university Doors Open Day 2020

Join the Doors Open Day 2020 and learn about all the opportunities available to prospective students at MCU.

MCU Scientific Sessions in spring 2020

The MCU Scientific Sessions to be held from March 1 to April 30 is an annual all-university research event that features round table discussions, workshops, and conferences.

International Workshop on Globalization of Teacher Education at MCU

Join the 3rd International Russian-Kazakh Scientific Workshop ‘Digital University: Globalization of Teacher Education”.

Open workshop by Elly Singer and Dorian de Haan

MCU invites students and staff to join an open workshop by the experts in early childhood education Professors Elly Singer and Dorian de Haan from the Netherlands. 

MCU Doors Open Day 2019

MCU invites prospective students to attend the All-Uni Doors Open Day.

Open lectures by Jayne Carrol and John Baker at MCU

MCU announces a series of lectures on Name-Studies by professors from University of Nottingham.