KLTMS | Education — a new platform for the development of leaders and communities

On June 5, the KLTMS | Education platform was launcged to support the growth of students and student organizations at Moscow City University.

More than 10 years ago, MCU started organising educational events for student communities. This led to the creation of different schools like the student activism school, curator school, KVN school, and volunteer school. In 2019, they also held a Student Asset PLUS School to train top managers of student communities, offering six different programmes.

Since 2020, student organizations at MCU have been officially registered, and there are now more than 70 of them.

Because of the many educational formats and student groups, there was a need for a single and clear system to organise extracurricular activities. This is why the KLTMS | Education platform was created.

Today, the platform provides information about full-time intensive courses, including some that will be available during the summer of 2024. Additionally, there are online courses and the annual Red Brick Conf conference, which focuses on careers, extracurricular activities, and education.

Intensive courses – training for top managers of student organisations, curators, volunteers and students who are figuring out their educational and career paths. Registration is currently available for 6 different intensive courses:

  • Community management of the University’s curatorial community (July 8-12)
  • Fundamentals of event management of university events (July 8-12)
  • Volunteer management: projects, foundations, community (July 15-19)
  • Student media: from idea to content packaging (July 15-19)
  • Adult education: formats, principles, technologies (July 22-26)
  • Student organisations: leadership, content, team (July 22-26)

Besides, there are online courses for skills development. The study of materials is possible anywhere, at any time. There are currently 6 courses available:

  • Creating presentations efficiently, beautifully, and with purpose
  • Emotional intelligence
  • From a position to a career
  • Public speaking skills
  • How to learn without going crazy
  • Personal effectiveness

Red Brick Conf is a conference about career, extracurricular activities and education. Graduates of Moscow City University and invited experts discuss the labor market, teamwork, personal effectiveness and other issues that are important for building a career and self-determination of a student.

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Photo: MCU