Yandex empowers students in neural networks and data science

Starting from the upcoming academic year, Yandex Education is expanding its training programmes to include students from non-IT fields. This is being done through the introduction of interdisciplinary modules, which are ready-made educational solutions that can be integrated into existing programmes. Additionally, Yandex Education is offering two master’s degrees specifically designed for marketers and financiers. These programmes aim to equip students with the necessary tools and skills in data analysis and artificial intelligence. Partnering with universities such as the Higher School of Economics, the Financial University, and the Moscow City University, Yandex Education is paving the way for students in various fields of study to learn data analytics tools and apply neural networks to solve professional problems in their respective domains.

Each interdisciplinary module consists of an online course, profession-specific assignments, and adapted datasets. This format enables the integration of AI and Data Science practices into bachelor’s degree programmes that are not directly related to IT.

In the 2024/2025 academic year, two pilot modules will be launched at MCU and HSE. These modules will teach students how to use Data Science and AI tools for educational analytics, data visualisation, and automation of routine tasks. Economists, on the other hand, will focus on applied Python data analysis libraries and mathematical concepts. They will be able to apply machine learning methods to solve classic economic research problems. Looking ahead, Yandex Education plans to collaborate with partner universities to launch interdisciplinary modules for other socio-humanitarian fields, such as sociology and law, etc.

Daria Kozlova, Director of Yandex Education, shared her view:

Today, AI and Data Science have become integral parts of professional work across nearly every field. That is why it is crucial for us to develop an educational system that enables students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively use data analysis tools, large language models, and generative technologies in their everyday tasks while still in university. Through collaboration with universities, we create datasets and cases in specific professional fields for students.

Source: Yandex Education
Photo: MCU