The kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ International Consortium at MCU

In 2019 MCU entered the Erasmus+ International Consortium to build a framework for supporting culturally responsive leadership in European and Russian schools.

Student delegation from the universities of Hong Kong at MCU

The Institute of Foreign Languages hosted a Christmas visit of a student delegation from Hong Kong universities on December 27.

Students from China staged Cinderella at MCU

On December 25th, the students and teachers of the Institute of Foreign Languages enjoyed a festive Christmas play performed by the students from China.

Chen Yanheng: I like to see the progress of my students

Chen Yanheng, MCU alumni and current member of staff, shares her memories of student life at MCU and excitement of her job as a teacher.

MCU at the International workshop on pre-school education quality improvement

On November 18–19, the experts on pre-school education convened to discuss good practices at the international workshop ‘Improving pre-school education quality’.

Daria Milyaeva at the International Staff Week in Czech Republic

Daria Milyaeva, Head of the International Relations Department attended the 7th edition of International Staff Week at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.