MCU ranked Top 50

According to RAEX, MCU ranked 48 among national universities that provide best conditions for high quality education.

Delegation from National Taitung University at MCU

On May 31, MCU held a meeting with a delegation from National Taitung University.

Anhui University — new partner of MCU

On May 22, a delegation from Anhui University, one of the largest universities in China, visited MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages.

Kathy Sylva and Brenda Taggart at MCU

On May 25, MCU welcomed the leaders of one of the world’s most influential studies in the field of quality of pre-school, primary, and secondary education.

The 2nd Annual International Symposium at MCU

The 2nd Annual International Symposium “Education and City: Participation Practices” was held at MCU from May 16 to 18, uniting researchers from 17 countries.

Mohammad Hammache: I strongly recommend an internship at MCU

In this interview Mohammed Hammache from Artois University shares his impressions and gives advice to prospective international students.