Geographical Dictation 2023

On November 19, a Geographical dictation will be held in Russia and abroad. The large-scale international educational campaign initiated by the President of Russia is being held by the Russian Geographical Society for the 8th time.

Moscow is traditionally a regional platform for Geographical dictation. Preliminary registration of participants at the MCU location is available via the link.

Work schedule:
11:00 — the building opening hour (when entering, you need to show your ID card (passport, ID student card, or a teacher’s/parent’s/accompanying document for schoolchildren))
11:00-12:00 — gathering, registration of participants and issuance of forms for writing dictation (at this time, popular science videos, TV shows, animated films, commercials will be showed on TV screen for having a good time and enjoying waiting for a key part of the event)
12:00-12:15 — quiz, instruction on filling out forms for writing dictation
12:15-13:00 — dictation
13:00-13:20 — collection of completed forms for writing dictation, issuance of certificates to dictation participants
13:20-13:30 — closing hour and arranging a career-oriented conversation with schoolchildren about the geographical training at MCU

We invite you to test your geographical knowledge, feel the atmosphere of intellectual competition, re-join the fascinating world of geography and get acquainted with the Geocenter of the University. All participants of the Geographical dictation at MCU will be awarded a certificate of its passage.

1 Chechulina street, office 308, 310 (Department of Geography and Tourism of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies)

+7 (499) 748-58-92 – Olga Vladimirovna Shulgina, Head of the Department of Geography and Tourism – Alexey Mikhailovich Kabanov, Assistant of the Department of Geography and Tourism

More information about dictation at the MCU is presented on the official website of the Russian Geographical Society.

Photo: MCU

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