Professor Ou Hsiu-Hui from National Taichung University of Education at MCU

MCU invites students for a series of lectures by Professor Ou Hsiu-Hui from Department of Chinese Language and Literacy Education, National Taichung University of Education.

Lecture on fitness and healthy lifestyle

The Institute of Natural Sciences and Sport Technologies invites to attend an open lecture on fitness and sports.

Learn about BI Services and Artificial Intelligence

The Institute of Digital Education will hold a series of training seminars dedicated to modern tools of artificial intelligence and business analytics.

Tutor, enterntainer, moderator

A research seminar Professional practices in non-formal education: tutor, enterntainer, moderator will be held on December 20 at the Institute of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy.

Workshop: Creative and Play Tools in Teaching

On December 10, students are invited to attend a workshop “Creative and Play Tools in Teaching”.

Open lecture by Professor Su-I Liu, University of Taipei

MCU invites anyone interested to attend the lecture by Professor Su-I Liu of University of Taipei.