Practical Seminar — Methods of Conducting Graduate and Post Graduate Rresearch

We invite teachers, graduate and post graduate students to participate in the seminar ‘Methods of conducting graduate and post graduate research’.

V Metropolitan Conference on Educational Tourism

We announce the V Conference on Educational tourism to be held at the Institute of Mathematics, Information Technologies and Natural Sciences on March 31.

The IB workshops: Primary Years Program

The IB Provider Center at MCU invites you to take part in the spring seminars on the IB Primary Years Program (PYP).

International Research and Practice Conference — Teaching Foreign Languages and New Approaches to Academic Cooperation in Digital Age

The Institutes of Foreign Languages invites teachers, students and everyone interested in foreign languages to take part in the conference dedicated to teaching foreign languages on March, 26.

The First International Education Symposium «Education and City: Partnership for Success»

The Institute of System Projects announces the first International Education Symposium to be held in May.