Georgy Russkih reaches superfinals of “The Voice”

Georgy Russkih, a 3rd year student of the “Music (Vocal Art)” Bachelor’s degree programme at MCU, successfully progressed through all stages of the popular TV vocal show “The Voice” on Channel One Russia.

In the final, he delivered a captivating performance of Viktor Tsoi’s “Gruppa Krovi” (“Blood Type”) and advanced to the superfinal of the competition. Alongside his mentor Vladimir Presnyakov, Georgy left a lasting impression on the viewers of Channel One Russia.

Moscow City University cheered for Georgy, closely following his journey week after week. After months of hard work and dedication, Georgy achieved an outstanding result, ranking among the top three vocalists in the country and demonstrating a remarkable level of professionalism. Although he fell short by just 2% of the votes in the superfinal of “The Voice” (12 season) Georgy Russkih’ classmates, viewers, and fans of MCU wish him continued success, growth, and a brilliant artistic career. You can watch Georgy’s performance in the superfinal on April 30th on Channel One Russia via the link.