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Forbes Education: MCU’s research on family education

Moscow City University undertook a comprehensive study focused on family education, delving into various aspects

XII EAOKO Conference: organisers and participants share their impressions

The annual conference was concluded and attended by representatives from CIS and far-abroad countries, as well as leading international organisations, educational development institutes and agencies for education quality assessment

XII EAOKO Conference: Take the Leap!

The Annual International Conference of the Eurasian Association for Education Assessment will be held by MCU and the HSE Institute of Education.

Lilian Galvan: Art and Culture in Peru

Lilian Galvan, Bachelor and Licentiate of Educational Psychology at Cayetano Heredia University, spoke about the educational program for the study of art and culture in Peru and the importance of its promotion abroad

MCU’s scientific and educational portal Prizma

The MCU’s scientific and educational portal was presented at the Annual International Symposium “Education and City”