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Conference “Interdisciplinarity in Science: Problems and Prospects”

The conference will explore the possibility of and need for interdisciplinary collaboration in scientific research.

Student and Postgraduate Conference “Current Issues in Linguistic and Methodological Science”

Moscow City University invites you to participate in the scientific and practical conference of students and postgraduates “Actual problems of linguistic and methodological science”.

Conference “Homo dicens”

The Institute of Humanities at the Moscow City University invites you to participate in the International Digital Science Conference “Homo dicens”.

Lecturers and students of the Institute of Humanities participated in the Forum “Language Policy and Linguistic Security”

The Forum was devoted to the problems of inter-ethnic, cultural and linguistic contacts, the interaction of various types of cultures within and beyond ethnic communities.

Humanism and Directions of Civilization Development

Institute of Humanities and partner universities invite scholars to participate in the international scientific forum on the 90th anniversary of Umberto Eco