Research projects of the Institute of Humanities

Homo Dicens International Project for Global Promotion of Russian Language

Project scope: Global promotion of Russian language, approach to teaching Russian as a foreign language through the other’s worldview

Project outcomes:

Annual International Student Conference Homo Dicens (2021, 2022)

Scientific publications about the role and status of Moscow in the Russian linguistic consciousness:

Internation Student Olympiad in Russian Language

School Student Olympiad in Russian Language

Series of webinars on linguistic worldview for teachers of Russian as a foreign language from Russia, Turkey, India, Serbia, Armenia, and Qazaqstan

Series of webinars on Moscow in the consciousness of native Russian speakers for students from Russia, Turkey, and Poland

Quests for students on cultural and language environment of Moscw

Project lead:

Associate Professor Maria Zakharova, Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Philology

Project coordinator:

Yuri Grebeshchikov

Natural World in the Space of Culture. Scientific and Academic Project

Project scope: Development of cross-disciplinary discourse in teaching disciplines in the humanities; development of students’ positive environmental and civic value orientations through the potential of the national culture

Project outcomes:

Cross-University Cross-Disciplinary Research Conference Natural World in the Space of Culture

2 international cross-disciplinary conferences in the humanities

2 collections of articles

5 multi-authored monographs

MCU Scientific School Natural World in Russian Philology: Theoretical and Historical-Literary Issues

Training module Nature in Russian Philology features the courses:

  • The World of Nature in the Conventional Culture;
  • Symbolism of Natural Images in Russian Literature;
  • Environmental Consciousness in Russian Literature of the 20th Century

Project lead:

Professor Alfiya Smirnova, Head of the Department of Russian Literature

Project coordinator:

Professor Irina Raykova, Deputy Director of the Institute for research work

Project partners:

The State Institute for Art Studies, Polenov State Russian House of Folk Arts, Gorky Institute of World Literature, Lomonosov Moscow State University, University of Delhi (India)

Sociocultural Practical Training of Students. Project for the Development Moscow's Sociocultural Environment as Learning Resource

Project scope: Personalization of the content of sociocultural practical training and applied educational technologies; direct participation of students in the design of educational track; cross- and meta-disciplinarity in the learning approaches in the learning environment of the humanities

Project outcomes:

Sorokin A., Kalabukhova G., Polovnikova A., etc. Multi-authored monograph Education in Social Studies and Humanities and Models of Arranging Sociocultural Practical Training of Students (supervised by Viktor Ryabov)

34 teaching staff members of the Institute of Humanities have contributed to the programmes of sociocultural practical training

Features of practical training: Museums and parks, Cinema and theater, Libraries and publishing houses, Urban infrastructure, City: equal opportunities, Ecology of the city, among others

Tracks of practical training: Moscow: folklore, holidays, mystic; Everyday trinity in the U.S.S.R. food, clothes, apartment; History in Moscow streets, among others

Tutoring for Newly-Employed Professionals. Project for Development of Support System for Talented Students within Creative Professional Competitions

Project scope: Practice-oriented activities following the principles of education of cooperation and personalization of students’ learning tracks, including the supporters’ team of teaching experts and awardees of previous years (including graduates of the Institute)

Project outcomes:

Platforms and resources for professional growth:

  • Research and Practice Seminar School of Professional Growth;
  • Historical-Educational Project School of Historians;
  • Historical-Research Community Vagrants;
  • Temporary communities of tutoring experts;
  • Counseling teaching staff for grant projects.

Study of approaches to the development of learning outcomes diagnostics, special features of arranging students’ creative activities. educational potential of WorldSkills Championships for delivering teacher training.

Students’ opinion study on the training system  in the humanities in higher education and search for talented students

Comprehensive training programmes: training sessions, master classes, lectures, play techniques of preparing for competitions

Consultations and simulation of competition procedures in cooperation with the Moscow’s main educational institutions

Students’ practical training in informal education: Lecture course Persons in History, Roundtable The Invisibles in the Ancient History: Women and Children, distance course on history and culture of Armenia, among others

Professional competitions: I am a Professional Olympiad, The All-Russian Online Olympiad in Latin Classical Latin (Kazan, Russia), Teacher of the Future. Students Contest, Let’s Teach You Contest (by SBER Education), WorldSkills Russia Competition, among others