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Prospects of Sinology – XXI Century

Seize the exciting opportunity to become part of the cutting-edge of Sinological studies!

Red Thread workshop

We invite you to join the creative process and enjoy the fascinating world of Chinese symbols!

Chinese Living Room meeting

Join the much-awaited 2nd meeting of the Chinese Living Room to learn all about the traditions of ancient and modern-day China!

Linguistics: Topical Aspects for the Teacher of English

The Institute of Foreign Languages invites all interested to attend the 3rd year bachelor scientific conference

Chinese Folk Traditional Ornaments and Their Symbols

The Chinese Language Department invites you to partake in a captivating online lecture on Chinese symbols and their profound influence on Chinese culture

Vasily Molodyakov at the Institute of Foreign Languages

A lecture on Colonial Modernisation in the History of East Asian Countries was given by a professor from Takuseku University