The IFL Student Division of the MCU Student Council unites bachelor’s, master’s and PhD students of the Institute of Foreign Languages and is aimed at

  • Contributing to shaping the MCU’s policy
  • Cultivating an active social attitude in students
  • Supporting student initiatives

For at least ten years The IFL Student Division has offered social, intellectual, and recreational activities designed to help students make connections outside of the classroom. Every year the IFL hosts such events as Friendship, Miss & Mister of MCUThe Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-Witted, etc. There are also some subject-specific events, for example, Lingua City, educational lectures about different countries and their traditions. Our concert hall brings together almost 400 hundred students.

We want to make a difference and fill students’ life with interesting, educational and cultural projects and events. Besides we are trying to improve our every-day life and make our institute a better place to study. ”it is not only our institute, but our home

President of the IFL Student Division

If you are an international student and would like to join us, please contact via e-mail

You more than welcome to become a part of our student community! Every October we have interview sessions with willing students. After finishing an internship in your area of interest, you can become a full-fledged member of our community. Contact us at

Internship Departments

  • Cultural Events 
    At this department students are engaged in writing good scripts for events, learning to make estimates for events of various complexity and organizing them.
  • Media
    Focuses on promotion and attracting audience, provides photo and video support for the Council’s events.
  • Volunteering
    Welcomes students who want to be involved in the MCU’s cultural life by providing assistance to other people.
  • Sports
    Offers a wide variety of sports events, such as marathons, tournaments and contests.
  • Student Research Society
    For those who want to pursue an academic career: participating in conferences, wrtitng research articles and meeting with keynote scientists.

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