Our teaching staff are represented by 237 full-time lecturers, among them 34 PhD Full Professors and 102 PhD Associate Professors, making together 67 % of the teaching staff.

We are proud to feature research schools as an efficient form to promote theoretical and practical studies.

The research profile is represented by

  • The cognitive-discourse paradigm
  • Anthropological linguistics and terminology
  • Study of literature: theory & practice
  • Multicultural & multilingual education (general and professional)
  • Multicultural & multilingual education as a social transformations factor
  • Training teachers of Russian as a foreign language

The Institute regularly holds international and all-Russia scientific conferences on the fundamental linguistic issues, which are attended by leading scientists from all over the world. The research data are represented in a variety of collections of papers, monographs, textbooks and conference proceedings.

The Institute offers post-graduate courses in Linguistics and Pedagogy:

  • Theory and methods of teaching and education (foreign languages)
  • Theory and methods of professional education  

Our post-graduate students generously contribute to research and publications released by the MCU academic journal — MCU Vestnik that covers such topics as philology, theory of language, linguistic education, etc.
Best-performing post-graduates are nominated for national and Moscow awards for their academic achievements.

The Institute is running Dissertation Boards for the following specializations:

  • Germanic Languages
  • Theory of Language
  • Comparative Linguistics and Linguistic Typology
  • Foreign Literatures