At present the Institute undertakes the research on:

  •  Innovative approaches to the physical training in the framework of urgent social requirements and cutting-edge technologies
  • Development and testing of multi-factor assessment of students’ physical education and their individual physical culture
  • Monitoring physical and functional conditions of students in order to customize their motor activities
  • Development and introduction of senior adaptive motor activity programs involving MCU students

Our teaching staff are engaged in a variety of research programs representing the nation-wide acclaimed research schools led by:

Professor Victor Nikitushkin, Doctor of Pedagogy, Full Professor, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia. Research interests: theory and teaching youth sport.

His research team:

  • Develop the system of young sportsmen training.
  • Work out fundamentals of planning and distributing the training load in long-term programs of training young sportsmen.
  • Plan the format of such training. 

The school disciples defended 10 PhD dissertations and 2 Doctoral dissertations.

Professor Gennadiy GermanovDoctor of Pedagogy, Full Professor

Research interests: theory and methodology of motor activity, system of exercises in sport training and physical education.

His research team study planning training loads for physical culture and sports education, aimed at better physical education for schoolchildren.

Professor Vasily Beliayev, Doctor of Biology, Full Professor

His research school is working on promoting power sport and introducing elements of power sport into physical education of schoolchildren.

The research team pride on its academic achievements – in 4 years (from 2011 to 2015) 55 dissertations (53 Candidate and 2 Doctoral) in Theory and Methods of Physical Training, Sports Training, Health and Adaptive Physical Culture and 6 dissertations in Physiology were successfully defended.

Professor Sergey SumatokhinHead of Biology, Ecology and Teaching Biology Department, Doctor of Pedagogy

Research School — Theory and Teaching Methods of Biology

Professor Olga Shulgina, Head of Geography Department, Doctor of History

Research School — Economic, Social, Political and Recreational Geography

Professor Alexander Lugovskoy
, Doctor of Geography, Candidate of Biology

Research School — Eco-geology (Geographic Sciences)

Yury Matveev, Associate Professor at the Department of Adaptive Physical Culture and Medical-Biological Disciplines, PhD in Medicine

His research laboratory team focus on research in adaptive physical culture, sport and physical training.


Staff members report the results of their research in the prestigious scientific journals:
Professor Gennadiy Germanov — Hirsch index 17, citation index 1369
Professor Victor Nikitushkin — 16,691
Associate Professor Alexey Korolkov – 12,523

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