MCU consulted the leadership of the Far East universities

On April 17, Moscow City University held a workshop for the leadership and representatives of the Far East universities on the strategic projects delivered at MCU within the Priority 2030 university support program.

MCU Rector Igor Remorenko opened the workshop and presented the case and the development strategy of Moscow City University. Vice Rector Kirill Barannikov discussed the focuses of the design and delivery of the program of university development within the Priority 2030. Three tracks of the workshop were dedicated to the MCU strategic projects.

The 1st track was dedicated to the interaction between the university and the city as well as the development of sociocultural practices. It was presented by Svetlana Vachkova, Director of the Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education, jointly with Alexander Stradze, Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies, and Marina Shalashova, Director of the Institute of Lifelong Education.

The 2nd track considered digital didactics and digital education. It was discussed by Ekaterina Lavrenova, Director of the Institute of Digital Education, together with Natalia Voznesenskaya, Deputy Director of the Institute of Digital Education, Associate Professor Boris Yarmakhov, and Ruslan Suleymanov, Head of the Information Technology Department.

Within the 3rd track, Olga Aigunova, Director of the Certification Center for teachers, elaborated on the development of the assessment system of students’ competencies. Alexey Rytov, Director of the Simulation Center for Education, presented the computer simulators developed at the Center.

The participants of the workshop were introduced to the MCU Certification Center for teachers and asked the speakers their questions.