MCU selected for Priority 2030 university support program

Moscow City University has been enlisted among Russia’s universities participating in the Priority 2030 program. The universities accepted for the program will receive 100 million rubles as the basic part of the grant.

Rector Igor Remorenko presented the application of MCU for the program:

The target model of the development of the university aims at developing an applicable and replicable practice of city universities. Upon completion of the development program, the education system will obtain a ready-made model at the level of specific policies and strategic projects. The target model features the following characteristics.

First, the university executes research significant for the city, supported by the city administration, business, and non-profit organizations.

Second, the results of this research serve as a basis for the educational programs delivered by the university that promotes professional training for the “person-to-person” system.

Third, the university participates in a wide range of social programs in the city in various fields, including education, culture, healthcare, housing and utility sector, recreation, among others.

Fourth, the buildings of the university are located in all the city districts, and the social programs of the city are executed in each of them.

Fifth, the university actively distributes its developments regionally and internationally, maintains academic cooperation at the necessary level, serves as a counseling center for designing joint educational programs and enhancing academic mobility.

Sixth, the university arranges training considering flexible models of choosing learning trajectories, including internships, variable learning outcomes assessment, diverse extracurricular activities, digital didactics.

Seventh, the university serves as a role model for the use of digital technologies in education and applied developments, research and learning, academic initiatives and startups.

The Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has selected 106 universities from 49 cities of Russia, with 28 of them located in Moscow, 11 — in Saint Petersburg, and 67 in regional cities.

See the full list of universities here.

The Priority 2030 program aims at developing a group of Russian universities that will become leaders in the fields of science, technology, and solutions for the national economy and social sphere.


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