MCU selected for Priority 2030 university support program

Moscow City University has been selected to participate in the federal academic leadership program Priority 2030. The universities accepted for the program will receive a grant of 100 million rubles to boost their development.

The goal of Priority 2030 is to form a cluster of national universities as future leaders in creating new scientific knowledge, technologies, and developments to be introduced in the Russia’s economic, social and educational sectors. The participating universities will develop the best practices in scientific research, innovation, and education and promote them throughout the system of higher education. They will also aim to improve the image of living and working in Russia and become more attractive to both local and international students and researchers.

Rector Igor Remorenko presented the MCU’s project proposal:

The target model of MCU’s development aims at creating applicable and replicable practices for city universities throughout the country. Upon completion of this strategic program, the Russia’s education system will obtain a ready-made model at the level of both specific policies and strategic projects. The target model features the following characteristics:

First, the university will pursue research for the benefit of the city supported by the city’s administration, business, and non-profit organizations.

Second, the research findings will be introduced in the training programs delivered by MCU promoting professional training for the “person-to-person” system.

Third, MCU will participate in a wide range of the city’s social programs in various fields, including education, culture, healthcare, housing and utility sector, recreation, among others.

Fourth, MCU’s buildings are located throughout the city in all its districts, ensuring universal access to its social programs.

Fifth, MCU will actively distribute its developments regionally and internationally, promote academic cooperation, serve as a counseling center for designing joint educational programs and enhancing academic mobility.

Sixth, education at MCU will be based on a flexible approach, enabling students to choose individual learning trajectories, including exchange training, variable-based evaluation of the learning progress, diverse activities outside of the curricula, and digital didactics.

Seventh, MCU will offer a role model for higher educational institutions of using digital technologies in education, applied developments, research and training, academic initiatives and startups.

The Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia has selected 106 universities from 49 cities, with 28 of them located in Moscow, 11 — in Saint Petersburg, and 67 in regional cities.

See the full list of the universities here.