Laboratory of Child Development at EdCrunch X

On 15 and 16 November 2023, Alma-Ata hosted the X Global Conference on Technology in Education EdCrunch. The key topic of this year’s conference was equal access to high-quality education for everyone. Over 3,000 experts joined the event in person, including the staff of the Child Development Laboratory of the Scientific Research Institute of Urbanism and Global Education of MCU. Below we highlight the planned events in which MCU scientists participated.

Panel discussion – Generation of Alpha and Beta Dreamers: How They Interact with the World and How We Can Harmoniously Interact with Them

Moderated by Irina Vorobyova, the leading researcher of the laboratory, experts from several foreign countries discussed how a teacher can become a true guide and mentor for Generation Alpha and Beta. The audience learned how technology influences the lives of modern children and teenagers, as well as got acquainted with specific approaches and methods to build effective interaction with the younger generation.

Battle – Parent’s Plans for Child Development in the TUNA-World: Reality or Utopia

The moderator of the event was Anna Yakshina, a junior researcher of the laboratory. The battle participants had talks on how to help children adjust to the rapidly changing conditions of the world, what parenting strategies are the most effective in the context of the TUNA-world, as well as what methods allow children to become more stable and flexible.

Panel discussion – Divergent Thinking as a New Norm”

The event was conducted by Olga Shiyan, the leading researcher of the laboratory. Is it possible in the era of cognitive diversity and inclusion to fully realise the potential of each individual? How do open space for non-standard approaches to learning and development? How to integrate divergent thinking into learning spaces in a way that promotes a strong and global educational approach? Olga Alexandrovna and the discussion speakers reflected on these and other questions.

Panel discussion – Equal Access in Online Education for Preschoolers: Tricky Side of Quality

Igor Shiyan, the Head of the Child Development Laboratory, invited speakers to discuss what challenges and obstacles arise when expanding online education in the preschool sector in particular. The audience learned what strategies and practices can be applied to improve the quality of learning in virtual learning spaces.

Panel discussion – How to Arrange a Kindergarten in the Era of Meta-World and Meta-Universes

Another event was moderated by Anna Yakshina. Speakers discussed what the education for the youngest should be in the era of meta universes and virtual reality, as well as what the benefits and risks of using such technologies at an early age are, and what a kindergarten can look like in VR.

Panel discussion – Teachers 2.0: Retraining and Professional Development in the Era of Digital Transformation in the Preschool Sector 

The moderator of the event – Tatiana Le-van, leading researcher of the laboratory, and colleagues from the USA and Germany discussed the issues of professional development of kindergarten teachers: what competencies do they need to possess in the era of digital transformation?

Interactive session – Architects of the Future. How to Get the Fabulous Chest, or Are Future Inventors Growing Up in Our Daycare Centers?”

The event was moderated by Igor Shiyan and featured Anna Yakshina, Irina Vorobyeva, Olga Shiyan and Tatiana Le-van. The staff of the Child Development Laboratory reflected on how to develop children’s creativity and whether it is possible to evaluate the quality of conditions for creativity at home and in kindergarten. All the members of the session tried to solve tasks that children are better at than adults, as well as discussed what can stimulate children’s creativity.

Photo: Freepik