Summer School at Anhui University

From July 1 to July 10, 2024, Olga Karabanova, an Associate Professor from the Institute of Economics, Management, and Law, and Tatyana Zakharova, a Senior Lecturer from the Institute of Digital Education, had the opportunity to participate in a Summer School held at Anhui University in China. This university is recognised as one of the largest in the country.

The Summer School programme, conducted in English, was focused on Chinese culture, the attractions of Anhui Province, and Hefei City. Its primary aim was to foster stronger connections between universities.

During the programme, participants had the chance to delve into Chinese culture, history, and traditions, while also exploring various attractions in Anhui Province. This unique experience provided valuable insights into Chinese culture and offered opportunities to acquire new knowledge and impressions.

In addition, the Summer School programme played a vital role in strengthening international relations and fostering collaboration between universities from different countries. Participants actively exchanged experiences, ideas, and knowledge, which contributed to the advancement of education and science.

The programme is funded by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. This suggests that the programme is important for the development of education and international cooperation.

Participation in the Summer School offered attendees the chance to gain fresh knowledge, experiences, and impressions, while also establishing connections with individuals from other countries. Among the participants of the Summer School will be representatives of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Chile, Poland, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia and other countries. This confirms the international status of the programme and its importance for the development of international education.


Photo: MCU, Anhui University