MCU is the 1st among pedagogical universities in Russia

Based on the recently published subject ratings, included in rating group “Three University Missions”,  MCU has maintained its position as the top pedagogical university in Russia.

The subject ratings, conducted by the RAEX rating group, evaluated Russian universities in 36 different areas, identifying the top 20 universities in each field. For three years, Moscow City University has held a leading position in Pedagogy. The diverse range of indicators used in the ratings highlights MCU’s strengths in education, science, and community engagement.

The methodology for the subject ratings consists of three sets of indicators, covering various aspects such as admission quality, research productivity, media presence, and the number of MOOCs offered. MCU excels in these areas, contributing to its strong performance.

In addition to Pedagogy, MCU is also represented in 5 socio-humanitarian subject areas. There has been significant progress in Linguistics and Foreign Languages, with a rise from 8th to 6th place compared to the previous year. MCU has also improved its ranking in Philology and Journalism, moving from 10th to 8th place. Furthermore, MCU has entered the top 10 in the field of History and Archaeology, climbing from 11th to 10th place.

Moscow City University is also recognised among the top 20 universities in Sociology, Law, and State and Municipal Management. This recognition reflects the university’s multidisciplinary approach and its commitment to excellence across various fields of study.

These subject ratings affirm MCU’s position as a leading educational institution in Russia, highlighting its dedication to providing high-quality education, conducting impactful research, and actively engaging with society. MCU continues to strive for excellence in all areas and looks forward to further contributing to the advancement of education and knowledge.

We congratulate Moscow City University on this remarkable achievement and commend the faculty, staff, and students for their outstanding efforts!

Photo: MCU